public domain and open resources

By open content and public domain we mean all resources whose legal status allows free and unrestricted access, re-use and remix for one’s own purposes. The song by Misia Furtak and video by Jakub Puzyna & Konrad Styczeń were created on the basis of such materials. See, what they consist of.


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The project was inspired by NASA, as the agency has released freely most of its resources such as posters, photos and sounds.

The song by Misia Furtak it’s called „The Drake Equation”, after the equation created in 1961 by Frank Drake. Apart from the instruments and voice of the vocalist, the song includes two sound clips downloaded from the NASA library: sonification of light curves of Kepler stars and a morse code „hi” received from Earth by the Juno spacecraft.

The video by Jakub Puzyna & Konrad Styczeń is based on „The Universe” educational Canadian movie from 1960 (public domain) and some Creative Commons licenced materials.